Friday, April 30, 2010 @ 11:25 PM

Yes, yes have no updated this place in awhile…Twitter is addictive hah. Plus, I’ve been busy, as usual…

I really should start studying Physical Chem…since I have not touched it at all, not even during the study break, was occupied with other subjects >.<

Soo I have 2 more finals to go, and then I’ve got industrial training starting on the 10th. I thought today’s Unit Operations paper was gonna be nasty, but it went much better than I expected O_O, much better than crappy Physics. I dunno if I can even pass that one. So that’s the little update about what’s going on…

I’m sure most of y’all know the hit television series, Glee! It’s super addictive…it’s about a high school glee club made of some misfits and now some popular cheerleaders and jocks! A glee club’s a musical group, they’re like show choir groups :)


Anyway, I looove this week’s episode…even after the epicness of The Power of Madonna episode. It was all about emotions this week, and the fabulous Kristin Chenoweth returned to guest star! I just love it when she’s on…she’s just so perky and she’s got such a BIG voice! This week’s episode’s titled ‘Home’ btw…


Where was I? Oh Kurt has this master plan to get his dad and Finn’s mom to start dating and have them fall in love just so he’ll get to room with Finn somewhere in the near future. It worked, but Finn’s not too happy about that…and when his mom starts selling his dad’s furniture, it’s the last straw for him!

Kurt gave this amazingly moving performance of ‘A House Is Not A Home’…I can’t believe Chris Colfer hasn’t done any Broadway shows…he just sounds sooo good, and that range, whoa! (We saw that in Defying Gravity).

Meanwhile, Sue wants Mercedes (and Kurt =O who, according to Sue has hips like a pear) to lose some pounds in a week cos a representative from Splits magazine who’s coming to McKinley High to interview her and do a feature on her, or Mercedes will be off the Cheerios. According to the other Cheerios, they stay skinny cos all they drink is Sue Sylvester Master Cleanse, which contains a vomiting agent (EW.) and cayenne pepper among other things.

         'You think this is hard?! I’m passing a gallstone as we speak, THAT’S HARD!’

Another hilarious Brittany one liner in this episode…’Sometimes I add a teaspoon of sand’ (to Sue’s Master Cleanse drink) ROTFL! All this made normally confident Mercedes down and soon she faints due to not eating anything and after saying she wants to eat Artie and Tina lol. And Quinn was so nice to Mercedes in the nurse’s office ^_^


During the pep rally, Mercedes along with the other Cheerios does a performance of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’. Originally when I first listened to it, I thought it was an alright version, but still preferred the original. BUT, after watching the episode, wow…that part was very moving…with all the kids standing up and joining in towards the end. Oh, and Mr Schue looked soooo proud of her ♥ Take that, Sue!

One of the things about Glee that I love is how it celebrates the differences, and being yourself is always enough. Last week in the Madonna special, Mr Schue mentioned how the guys weren’t treating the ladies like they should been treated and respecting them enough, even bordering on being misogynistic, and that her songs are about being strong confident and equality. Looove all the guys singing ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’ except that Puck just HAD to ruin it at the end =_=” Jerk.

I’m so sleepy now…ugh think I’m gonna go faint on my bed. Til then,