Friday, August 28, 2009 @ 10:48 AM
Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging

Anyone heard of this movie? It’s totally fabbity-fab! It’s a British movie, directed by Gurinder Chadha who also directed Bend It Like Beckham. (Perhaps you’ve heard of that one instead…) The movie’s based on the books: ‘Confessions of Georgia NIcolson’ series by Louise Renison; Angus, Thongs & Full-Frontal Snogging and It’s OK, I’m Wearing Really Big Knickers.

It’s about the life of 14 year old Georgia Nicolson, along with adventures she has with the Ace Gang, aka her best friends Jas, Ellen and Rosie. It revolves around how Georgia tries to get a boyfriend, trying to get her parents to throw her the best birthday party ever (in a club, with a DJ) and dealing with her parents who she claims are from the Stone Age/Middle Ages (aka. the 70’s) along with her kid sister, basoomas, and her beloved cat, Angus. (Yes, Angus is a cat, not a boy lol)


Movie poster

It’s such an entertaining movie…really funny too! My fave line:

”Honestly, Jas…sometimes I think you’re half girl, half turnip!”  ~Georgia

LOL!!! I highly recommend this movie if you’re going for a sleepover or something ^_^ Did I mention it’s a British movie? Lovely accents ^_^ and if that isn’t enough to grab your attention…


Cute boys! lols That one’s Robbie…

The one on the left’s Tom

Oh, and Georgia’s sister, Libby loves dressing Angus up in everything,..XD

photo24 lol!!

Oh dear…hahaha…and sometimes she sticks Angus in the fridge!

photo14From left: Ellen, Jas, Georgia and Rosie (The Ace Gang)

The music’s really good as well! In the movie, Robbie’s in a band called The Stiff Dylans (which are a real band)…love this song by them called ‘Ultraviolet’. Added it to my music player there ---> but I put it on shuffle haha so you might have to refresh a couple of times if you wanna listen to it :)

Alright, I seriously need to get some sleep. I’ve got bloodshot eyes. And these horrible dark circles. Brilliant, just brilliant. =_=” I look like a zombie. T.T

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 @ 1:22 AM
The Warlord of Terror - A Michaelian Production
The annual Michaelian drama tradition continues with the 57th drama; this year it's The Warlord of Terror...inspired by the myths whispered from the dusts of the Tang Dynasty according to the folder I bought. It tells a tale of a vicious leopard who turns into a warlord, who needs human blood to maintain its human form. I went on Sunday, which was the last day of the screening, with Stefanie and Seng Aik. This year's drama was directed by Timothy Chee, who directed numerous Michaelian productions for years and the original screenplay was written by his son. 

This was my first time going to a drama even though I was part of the stage crew in 2006...we did The Hunchback of Notre Dame back then, directed by Ms Corrine Mah. Ah...those fond memories...hmm, I still recall being yelled at by Ms Corrine about something that wasn't really a big of a deal =_="

Anyways, The Warlord of Terror was a refreshing change from the Disney based dramas Ms Corrine was very Chinese-y, good news for those aunties and uncles who came to watch. The narrator throughout the show was an old monk...who looked very convincing, though at times I could not catch what he was saying. Actually, I was quite blur about the storyline...but the gist of it is that the main character, a young master by the name of Kuo along with his faithful servant saves the damsel in distress, Yuen from clutches of the evil warlord and his minions.

I must say, the artwork and the costumes were stunning visually...well, tons better than the ones for The Hunchback of Notre Dame Seng Aik pointed out, the 3 gargoyles were wearing cardboard boxes lol 

Oh, and the warlord was very convincing...with his evil laugh and all...until he started rapping that is. The audience burst into laughter the moment he started rapping and his demons danced along in the background XD All in all, it was pretty good...though it was a bit boring at some bits and I couldn't really hear what they were saying. We weren't exactly sitting near the front cos someone arrived late.

Sorry there aren't that many pics...people kept blocking my view :( Ah, the disadvantages of being short >.<

The narrator (an old monk) not sure if it's visible...

They even had a lion dance bit at the beginning and ending! 

The costumes are so lovely...

After the drama, we decided to have a walk around school as we haven't been there in so long...and proceeded to take some pics around the grounds. Stef wanted a pic of her and the whole school...but unfortunately, none of our cameras could fit the whole school into the tiny digital frames. Stef's brother was so kind to help us take the pics ^_^

Sorry we couldn't take a pic of you and the entire school, Stef. Here's a bit of it though :)

Near the entrance to the hall (*sigh* I look so short -_-)

At the parlour...

Photogenic Stef posing with a lion's head

Our beloved alma mater

Looks nice doesn't it at night?

Stef pointing at something...

More pointing lol

Not sure what this is supposed to be, there's more pointing though lol

Ah, the good ol' days when we would just chatter nonstop with the gang...we were the uh, noisiest in the class and I remember the head prefect would sometimes glare in our direction lol. I do hope I'll get to go to another Michaelian production in the future...

Sunday, August 16, 2009 @ 2:31 AM
Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

Hmm…so now the sound and modem drivers are working fine on my laptop thanks to my *ahem* superior Googling skills after spending a couple hours at the library on Thursday. lols The volume icon’s missing though on the taskbar…and unfortunately, I don’t have the Windows CD to restore it…I MUST get one one of these days! Oh, and that pesky illegal DLL relocation is still there >.<

So I was browsing some sites looking for the stuff the other day…and I got infected by some viruses…(hence the blog title) that won’t go away! They are:


And some Install [n],exe files that keep spawning everytime I connect to the Internet! There’s not just one of them, but multiple Install [1].exe, Install [2].exe….you get the idea. Oh woe is meeee, woe is meee…and after I quarantine/try to delete them, they appear yet again after each reboot, like mushrooms sprouting after a rainy day really…

Looks like my laptop will be paying yet another visit to the shop…gah! *bangs head on desk* I vow to get a Macbook when I have enough money!

Oh, on another note, I got myself a pair of SonicGear headphones along with an external HDD from the PC Fair in Penang last weekend! It’s a 320GB Seagate FreeAgent Go, and it’s prettyyyy…they actually come in 10 colors, but they only had like 3 there :(

I saw the other colors online, and I wanted orange:


Nice, isn’t it? ORANGE!!! :D

They even have it in PINK! For crazy people who love pink like *cough*Ling Sim*cough* lol

Mine’s silver! The surface is brushed metal and I thought the dots were just for show lol but look what it does when it’s plugged in ^_^


It lights up! And it’s supposed to have this fading light pattern when it’s doing its job, but I haven’t installed it yet cos of the stupid DLL error…I can’t install Photoshop either! Grr…


Lalalaaaa…look at the lights!



Song of the Day: Good Girls Go Bad – Cobra Starship (feat. Leighton Meester)

It’s catchy…lol and oh noes, that new Miley Cyrus song, Party in the U.S.A is kind of growing on me??

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 @ 9:48 PM
Sick Laptop T.T

Sorry I haven’t been updating recently…>.< my beloved laptop has been sent to the hospital and back, though it has not fully recovered. You see, I accidentally deleted this super important system file, . I’d mistaken it for a virus in the beginning and accidentally hit the delete button. And no, I could not restore the file, for it was nowhere to be seen in the Recycling Bin. *sigh* So now, it has been reformatted…and it’s missing 2 drivers for sound and modem. Cos apparently the tech ppl at the computer centre said they couldn’t find the drivers my laptop needed nor did they have the CD’s to install them. And my laptop has been sitting in their shop since last Thursday…all it needed was a simple reformat =_=”

Ugh…and now there’s some sort of weird error I keep getting…an illegal system DLL relocation error. Googling has shown that it’s caused by some error while updating components of Windows…always hated that automatic Windows update thing. Sooo…guess it’s back to the shop where I bought my laptop from… T.T

My laptop’s all screwy now…*sigh* I can’t seem to install custom themes…the default Windows blue theme thing just hurts my eyes. It’s UGLY.

Edit: Fixed the problem with the theme…seems I’ve got SP 3 installed and all I needed was another patch to get custom themes to work. Now my laptop’s looking like its old self again ^_^

And I shall leave you off with these amusing/interesting/beautiful pics I stumbled upon online…



lol! Get it? Sugar daddy! XD

zJ6qOxXKjqasyvesI1ZaVBSwo1_400 Haha I like this one…if you’re a Potter fan, you’ll know what horcruxes are :)