Friday, May 22, 2009 @ 10:50 AM
KL Trip

Went to KL for a one day trip yesterday with Seng Aik by train…met up with Stef and Audrey at UM. Stef said she was going to meet us at the bus stop in front of her college. Well, she was nowhere to be found when we got there. No warm welcome :( We ended up wandering around her college as she got ready. Will upload the pic of Stef posing in front of her college tomorrow. She took us on a tour around her campus and then to the Science faculty where Audrey was waiting where we tried to find out what grade she got in one of her courses lol

Then, we took a taxi to 1 Utama where Ann Li was waiting. Had lunch at The Garden cafe. Lovely place…the food was really good, too! And the place was so pretty…though it was mostly surrounded by fake plants lol WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY!



Lovely grand piano near the entrance…

Audrey, Ann Li & Seng Aik at the entrance

The menu! It’s like a hardcover book with some description along the sides…prettyyy. Saw one page about the flowers according to the month you were born

The dessert page! Click to enlarge the pics.

Stef getting ready to dig in! She had the Black Pepper Chicken Chop…

Audrey insisted on taking pics of everyone with their food…I love the roast potatoes by the side!

Audrey + I <3 Jesus shirt + Spaghetti Carbonara with shrimp (I think that was the name?)

Seng Aik had the Butter Garlic Dory Fish…(Ann Li already had lunch with her family at the spot and is grinning happily lol)

Orange Mango Sorbet…yum! The texture was so smooth…and it looks so adorable too! :D
I think that’s a fountain?

The pretty fake plants around the cafe…

Group photo in front the grand piano…picture taken by the lovely waitress who also loves Jesus like Audrey

No idea what they’re doing with the plushies…

Then, we walked around 1U…that’s when Stef claimed she had this power over the touch screen directory where she could operate it without touching the screen lol Oh, and Stef wanted to go the Jeans shop so badly. We went searching for it with her leading the way but ended up going the wrong way or something…while Stef was on her quest to the Jeans shop, Aud and I went to get some gelato and a bagel lol and Stef couldn’t find us after she was done looking at jeans even though we were quite near. After that, we decided to walk to The Curve…we went to Cineleisure where we found this…and Stef started going on and on about Yasmin Ahmad and how she was going to be the star in one of her future movies (???) I wanna try Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at The Curve one day! (Sound familiar? Bubba Gump’s inspired by the movie, Forrest Gump!) It’s a seafood place ^_^


Mike & Sully from Monsters Inc!IMG_00291


That white line down the middle of the glass spoils the pic… =_=”

I think they were trying to imitate Mike and Sully haha

Cineleisure area…they even had the captain’s chair from Star Trek up for auction! That’s when Stef said something that sounded so funny but wrong at the same time…lol she’d kill me if I posted it here XD

2 Zac Efron fangirls groping wanting a piece of Zac for themselves


                                   Coming soon to a theatre near you: Stefanie vs. Audrey! 

There was this lovely pet place in one of the shopping centers. Can’t remember which…it was Ikano I think?? The funniest thing happened: we were looking at this cute golden retriever and poodle in the grooming area and the excited poodle pounced near the door. Stef screamed and ran away…and we collapsed in fits of laughter lol Oh, and on the way back we couldn’t find any transport…no bus stops and the taxi driver wanted to rip us off. –_- We ended up going back and forth to Ikea or something and finally decided to walk back to 1 Utama to catch a bus back to KL Central, but soon discovered that the drivers were resting til 9.15pm. Our train was leaving at 9.45pm and we finally took a taxi back to Central, making it just in time to catch the train back to Ipoh. So exhausted after I got back…I slept through part of the American Idol finale lol and woke up to find Kris Allen singing the coronation song. Yay Kris!!! Okay think that sums it up for the trip…click on the pics for a bigger version! :)

Pictures courtesy of Audrey ^_^
Editing done by me :D

Saturday, May 2, 2009 @ 6:27 PM
Of Feedback Forms & Wolverine…

It’s been ages since I last saw Potatoes Amy…so I met up with her, her sister, Angelyn and Dee Dee aka. Ling Sim on Thursday. While waiting for Amy, Ling Sim and I had lunch and stuff…and then she mentioned that she wanted to fill in the feedback form at the booth near the supermarket at JJ. lol like Dee Dee said, we did a meaningful thing! XD She asked for suggestions on how to write it and I was under the impression that it should sound polite and sophisticated or something. Turns out she wanted it to sound rude and angry lol it’s about their newly implemented AutoPay ticketing/parking system in case you were wondering. I suggested that Jaya Jusco should be more considerate to the elderly and the disabled, cos you need to pay if you want to enter Jusco now. So that makes dropping passengers off difficult. She thinks I was trying to write an essay… =_=” She did all the writing haha


Picture courtesy of Ling Sim. Haha and then we noticed the little area at the bottom which required our name, contact number and all. We didn’t really want to put in our details, so we decided to use Amy’s. XD She wasn’t there yet…haha *shifty eyes* But Ling Sim told her about it later, I think. Um, so Amy…feel free to use our name next time XD hehehe

Went to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine too. Amy doesn’t like comic book movies…I dunno why, haha so she went and watched it cos of Hugh Jackman. (Why, Amy? They’re entertaining!) Here’s the movie poster:


I thought it was really, really good! Action packed, awesome explosions, eye candy…hahahaha what more could one ask for? A must watch for those comic book fans out there, what a great movie to kick off the summer blockbusters… Even though a handful of the mutants were only on screen for like maybe less than half of the movie (they got killed by Victor Creed/Sabretooth) some scenes were really memorable. Loved that sword sequence that Wade Wilson/Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) did. He’s real funny in the movie, too and I thought that was some special effects, but apparently it’s not! Oh, and that fight scene towards the end where Victor and Logan teamed up against Deadpool (who didn’t have a mouth, it was creepy) was so cool… Haha I remember during the movie, Logan got pinned to the ground by a tree trunk, and Amy was like ‘How come he didn’t become a pancake?’ LOL! Ooh forgot to mention the breathtaking scenery...the Canadian rockies are beautiful...the sunsets are so lovely...

Can’t wait for Transformers 2! Angels & Demons looks promising, too…the book was fantastic! Here’s a new movie trailer called Julie & Julia starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. It looks like it’s going to be a great movie…