Saturday, March 28, 2009 @ 9:34 PM

Am now sitting in the dark…it IS Earth Hour right now…switch off your lights people!!!


Haha I was doing my laundry cos it’s too dark to study anyway, and after like, 5 minutes I heard this announcement:

‘Perhatian penduduk Aman! Sila tutup lampu sekarang!!!’ LOL!!! Last I checked, no one really switched off the lights. Then after 10 minutes, there was the announcement again cos some ignored the announcement earlier…thankfully I switched off the lights before that…

I did my part to save the Earth…did you do yours?

@ 3:08 PM
Locked Out 2.0

I got locked out of my room today…not fun. Second time in history.

Well, this is how it happened…I went out to take a shower and I normally stuff all the clothes into a plastic bag since the horrible hostel bathrooms don’t have hooks or anything behind the doors, and the thought of just draping the clothes and towel over the filthy door just makes my skin crawl. Who knows what’s been there??? So, after showering, I noticed my shorts felt unusually light. That’s when I realized…I FORGOT MY KEYS!!! And I rushed back to my room, which is just around the corner, hoping that my roommate was still in the room.

But she was not.

So, I just hung around the corridor, walked about…even went downstairs for a walk. And I couldn’t make a phone call cos my phone was in my room!!! So that sucked. And it didn’t help either that my vision was blurry and my glasses were in my room. If not, I would’ve walked to look for Jacyn or something lol since she lives the nearest from my place. I continued hanging around in front of my door…even tried to pick the lock but failed miserably with my modified hanger (which I use to hang the plastic bag when I go for a shower) That’s when this Malay girl who passed by several times came up and asked if I forgot my keys. I said yeah, and she mentioned that there’s quite a lot of rooms that have the same keys. I didn’t know that! Gosh, I’d better stash my laptop every time I leave the room when no one’s around. So she tried her keys and it didn’t work, and coincidentally, a girl living opposite her room was going out that time, and she asked if she could borrow her keys. And it was a perfect fit! If it weren’t for her, I would have to camp outside my room with my bucket and towel slung over my shoulder for hours (possibly!)

Note to self: NEVER FORGET KEYS. If it happens again, I can borrow someone else’s keys.


On another note, I found this really interesting video from a blog. The speaker’s name is David Pogue. He spoke at the ‘08 EG conference, and he’s a tech critic/columnist for the New York Times. You HAVE to watch the video below!! He’s just hilarious… Well, the video’s like 27 minutes long? If you’re not willing to sit through 27 minutes/do not have 27 minutes to spare, y’all can just let it load and go to 24:15 mark. It’s just priceless… (I DO recommend watching the whole thing…it’s just plain awesome lol) Let me know what you think haha


Friday, March 27, 2009 @ 12:11 AM

Eurgh…woe is me…I feel like the epitome of darkness and despair…just leading onto nowhere…

Thermodynamics + Chemical Kinetics exam tomorrow…actually it’s today…

So unprepared…oh woe is meeeeeeeee…that would explain the lack of updates.


Lab test – Saturday  (Less than 24 hours to prepare for it)
Organic chem test – Next Wednesday


All that plus the ongoing struggle with KFT 131… T.T

I seriously need to my brain run faster or something…and not sleep…



Sunday, March 15, 2009 @ 9:03 PM

The iPhone is finally here!!

I was like this when I read the news from

Then, the pen1_27 turned into this:


Like all other countries, it comes with a contract with a local telco…in Malaysia, Maxis has sealed the deal. And they sure know how to put holes in our pockets and wallets…they have contracts ranging from 6 months to 2 years…basically the longer you stay bonded to the contract, the less you pay for the phone but you pay MORE for the monthly subscription charges. Horrible, sucky plans IMHO. RM3000++ for the phone…oh dear, I really do wish money grew on trees.


iPhone3G_Maxis_Plan1-1 RM100 is pretty steep, is it not? Plus, I don’t think I’d use that much for calls…aihz…still RM 3690 after 12 months for the 16GB model

iPhone3G_Maxis_Plan2-1edit Whoa!!! That makes it a total of RM 11, 260 after 24 months for the 16GB model!!! O__O

iPhone3G_Maxis_Plan3-1 Forget about it…RM3440 after 6 months *faints* for Value Plus 80

*sigh* Those Maxis people are out to get us poor folk…recession some more!!! Let’s pray DiGi or some other telco will come to compete with Maxis in the coming months. Go DiGi go!!! I’m broke… =( I’ll need to use the money from my PTPTN loan if I want it really, really bad lol that’s the worst case scenario…not exactly a wise way to spend money… Plus, there’s rumors floating around that Apple’s planning to launch the 3rd generation of iPhones very soon…


I will follow youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…if you make the iPhone cheaper



Prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…I want it I want it I want it I WANT IT!!! Touch screen, iPod, phone…all in one! Looks super cool…


Time to save up and get out that dusty piggy bank…might get a job or something…


Dear kind, generous, awesome, *insert word(s) of choice here* friends, do take note. This item will be at the top of my wishlist for my birthday next year… =D


Monday, March 9, 2009 @ 12:38 PM
Downloading Spree

Just a short post today…been so busy the past couple of days…with a test and assignments and stuff…the Stats test went alright…well, USM has this habit of recycling questions. Unfortunately, I don’t have a senior so I don’t have all the test papers…but my friend told me after the test, quite a lot of people were very happy. The questions that came out were an exact copy of the ones their seniors sat for!!! No surprises there…that happened with a course I took last semester which recycled questions too…

Since I came back, I’ve been on this crazy downloading spree XD To be specific, Broadway musicals lol and this amazing movie called Australia! =D

Hugh! Hugh! Hugh!

Currently attempting to download Vicky Cristina Barcelona…it seems interesting…

Eurgh I’ve been having this stomachache since yesterday…hope it goes away soon. =( Not sure what junk I ate the other day that triggered this.


Oh, and Amy, if you’re reading…thanks for that Jason Mraz cellcast on Wednesday night!!! He sounds amazing live!! Still wish he could’ve done ‘Wordplay’ though…my favorite! ^_^