Sunday, April 26, 2009 @ 7:32 PM

It’s true. I’ve been abandoning my blog for Twitter. It’s so addictive…and easier to update as well. Just 140 characters! For those of you who don’t have the slightest clue what Twitter is, it’s a social networking thing like Facebook (well nothing like Facebook actually) It’s like a microblogging site where you update your status or whatever you want to say using just 140 characters. It’s very interesting, lots of interesting people are on it as well. John Mayer always has the most interesting (sometimes weird) tweets lol and recently there was this Twitter war between CNN and Ashton Kutcher, it was the race to a million followers. And both parties have pledged to donate mosquito nets to Malaria No More, win or lose. Go get Twitter, people! is the link. For those of you who’re feeling stalkerish interested, this site has a list of celebs who’re on Twitter. It also shows their updates. Cool stuff. Ooh, and Grant Imahara and Adam Savage from the Mythbusters are on it too! They have some great pics from the set and stuff haha

Finals are finally over. Not sure how I did…

Physical Chemistry – Brutal. Horrible. I think I failed it. Tons of careless mistakes. T.T

Elementary Statistics – Um…not sure. Not too good cos there were a few I didn’t know what to do, and when I did know how to do it, halfway through the answer, I made a mistake. Oy.

Chinese – Alright I guess?
TITAS – ………. Last minute thing. Fate not sure.

Organic – Not sure either. Didn’t know how to do some parts.

English – It was fine. Merahn gave me an A- for my coursework, yay!


Expecting the worse for my CGPA. I’m not the brightest. *sigh* There goes that Dean’s List out the window. *crawls into a hole and hides*


Song of the Day: Know Your Enemy – Green Day

Awesome song from Green Day. Their new album, 21st Century Breakdown is coming out on May 15th. Sounds amazing! Hope it was as good as their American Idiot album.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 @ 12:21 PM
Random Rants


Just came back from town…my dad was driving and there was this Malay guy on the side of the street and suddenly he knocked the side mirror of the car. Then, he turned around and started saying all kinds of stuff bout how we ‘tak tahu memandu’ bla bla bla ‘tak tengok’ bla bla bla along with an array of hand gestures. What the heck…he was the one who didn’t look where he was walking. It’s a street! You should’ve known better than to walk towards the middle of the road where there’s tons of cars that can knock you down. Aih…

My room smells. I came back last Thursday and after I switched on the AC in my room, I noticed a strange stench…it was like, 2am at that time. Yeah, so I tried to sleep but the smell was just unbearable…turns out a lizard died in the AC and when I turned it on, the smell gets worse. I spent 2 days sleeping in my parents’ room…on the floor haha

Since then, my dad’s removed the dead lizard but there’s still the faint smell of it whenever the AC’s on. Ick.

Just a short update…finals are next week. So unprepared. Ahhhhh… I’m the queen of procrastination. Must. Not. Procrastinate.

I’ve just discovered the magic that is Twitter haha and there’s celebs on it too! Taylor Swift, Adam Savage & Grant Imahara (from the Mythbusters), SP’s Chuck Comeau…just to name a few. It’s pretty interesting! Go check out Twitter if you haven’t already…

Random pic: Found this over at I Can Has Cheezburger (awesome site). Hahahahaha @ the kitteh! Reminds me of the snobbish aristocrats or royalty or something lol It’s an explosion of fluffiness! I want a kitteh like that!



Oooh, I got credited at! ^_^

Wednesday, April 1, 2009 @ 1:59 AM


Ain’t that the sweetest thing ever??? Gah!!! Daaaaaaaaaaavid!!! I wanna go soooo bad but I can’t… T.T


Stupid finals… pen1_32 I wanna go I wanna go I wanna goooooo… pen1_02


*Picture credit to Archuleta Avenue*