Tuesday, October 6, 2009 @ 12:05 AM
For the Dreamers…

I stumbled upon this while browsing for random stuff…it’s beautiful and I thought I’d share it with y’all :)


“For the ones who look to the sky and imagine the possibilities.  To the ones who look at a pile of discarded garbage on the side of the road, and see art.  To the ones who often feel overwhelmed by the beauty of other people.  To the ones who write, and paint, and think.  To the ones who hate humanity, yet love it to death.  To the ones who feel too strongly and love too deeply.  To the ones who stay up late with heads filled and minds yearning.  To the ones who drink life in and spit it out.  To the ones who see the opportunity to create something new, where others see just another blank canvas.  To the ones who cry and laugh and scream and rejoice.  To the ones who hope and the ones who hold on.

Never stop dreaming.  Never stop hoping and wishing.  Never stop creating and never stop loving.  Never stop screaming.  Never stop feeling.  Never stop searching.  Never stop looking at the sky and marveling at beauty.  Never stop holding on.

For when we do, the world will surely collapse.”


Saturday, October 3, 2009 @ 1:41 AM
Random Tidbits

I’ve been lazy lately…lol

My Raya break just ended. Boo…more tests to come, more assignments and finals are in a month’s time. Eeek! I’m so unprepared… >.< I’ll be super thankful if I manage to maintain last semester’s CGPA. But I have a feeling my CGPA will slip cos of my nasty Analytical Chemistry course, where all we learn is machines, components of spectrometers and all that crap. Oh, and the abbreviation for Analytical Chem is Anal. Chem. LOL!!!! It IS anal…a constant pain in the behind.

During the short one week break, I went out with Stef, Seng Aik and Nava who I haven’t seen in a loooooong time. A year I think. He still looks the same…like a stick =P Indon doesn’t seem to have any effect on him? lol Audrey and Ann Li were supposed to come, but Audrey was busy and Ann Li had her exams. :(

The lot of us went to catch a movie, The Ugly Truth starring Katherine Heigl and that dude from 300, Gerard Butler.

The movie was alright, it’s supposed to be a romantic comedy I think…Katherine Heigl aka. Dr. Isobel @ Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy plays this successful TV producer, Abby in Sacramento and she’s the controlling type and seems to have trouble in the dating department. Gerard Butler plays Mike Chadway who runs a television show called ‘The Ugly Truth’. Abby comes home from a disastrous date one night and happens to see Mike’s show and she then calls in to argue with him about how the perfect guy exists and that he’s out there somewhere and he calls her ugly lol. To her surprise, she discovers Mike at her tv station and he has been hired to improve ratings to which she objects.

She soon meets her new neighbor, Colin, who’s a doctor while fetching her cat from above a tree and then falling out of it lol. She’s convinced that he’s the man of her dreams and made a deal with Mike. Mike persuades her to follow his advice, and if she manages to get Colin, she’ll work with him. And if he fails, he’ll quit.

That’s the gist of it…I thought it was an alright movie. It has some really funny bits…and plenty of crude jokes from Gerard Butler. This isn’t your average fluffy rom. com. and I think that guys might actually enjoy this more. Heard Seng Aik laughing away at some parts…not sure about Stick though. I couldn’t hear the laughter, probably drowned out by some other noise?

After the movie, we waited for Her Royal Highness Stef to arrive so we could go karaoke. Oh, and we tried so hard to persuade Stick to sing along…he only sang a bit though =/ Wish you were here Auds! ^_^ Btw, we noticed no one brought us the bill like they normally would halfway through the session, and after our 2 hours was up, they decided to walk right out the exit without paying!! According to the others, it was their fault that they didn’t bring us the bill. But then a little later, Seng Aik got a call from the karaoke people telling him to foot the bill lol. Seems we didn’t quite manage to get away after all haha