Tuesday, September 8, 2009 @ 3:09 PM
Me, Myself and a Flying Cockroach

I hate insects. Well, maybe not ants, but…others. Especially when they fly. I especially loathe FLYING cockroaches. o_O Last Thursday, another cockroach flew in through the window in my room. *facepalm* Seriously, the cockroaches I’ve encountered at home just crawl about and I’ll just ignore it. But when they fly, that’s another story. It’s been twice that a cockroach has entered my room through the window and I don’t even open the windows that wide, more like just a 1cm gap or so… =_=”

Soo it started flying around the room and I quickly grabbed something to shield my head lest it land in *gasp* my hair. =O That would be beyond gross, not to mention severely traumatizing. Then, I grabbed a Sunday copy of the newspaper (nice and fat, see?) and proceeded to roll it up. I’ve never actually had to kill a roach…I didn’t know you were supposed to just fold the paper in half and whack it. Yeaa so I spent like 15 minutes watching it and where it would decide to crawl and fly to. Ewww and it crawled up the wall near my bed. I was so worried it would land on my bed. GERMS!!!

That was when it went over to the other side of the room and I attempted to whack it when it was on the leg of a chair. Didn’t work. It got away…leaving me shaking. And it’s not even dead yet. Ugh. It went to hide behind something and I grabbed my roommate’s Ambi Pur spray hoping it’d be a substitute for insect repellant…(I don’t have any) and proceeded to spray it, hoping the chemicals would kill it. Gross…Oh, it was wriggling. *gelinya* O____O And then I grabbed a broom and whacked the hardest I could. It was still moving though. Ahhhh…*whacks it a few more times* Still moving. Grrrr…and I swept it outside hoping it’d die a slow death. After a minute or so, I peeked outside and saw it had flipped and was now moving once again. By then, I was getting frustrated. Why won’t it just keel over??? Grabbed the broom again and started hitting it multiple times til my arm hurt. Still moving a TEENY bit. GAH!! I swept it out and accidentally swept it under a block of wood lying around near the exit of my hostel. Bet you can guess what I did next. I stepped on the block of wood, making sure I was putting a fair amount of pressure on it, and there came the oh so sickening crunching sound. O____O By then, I was red-faced, shaking like a leaf and so traumatized emotionally as I walked by to my room.


I hate those things. I wish they would just go extinct and leave us in peace. They don’t contribute to the environment or anything, so no one would mind!

Ooh, I bought a can of insect repellent yesterday! Muahahahahahahahahaha


Thursday, September 3, 2009 @ 4:47 PM
More Vintage Posters!

Due to popular demand (okay, well technically it’s just Amy lol) I’m gonna post more of those vintage posters from UP…it’s too pretty and I just thought I’d share them with y’all instead of letting the unposted ones sit in my computer. I just love the slightly washed out colors used to give it that vintage look! Very nice, very nice indeed ^_^



I think this was in the movie…can’t really remember if it was the exact one that Ellie tore from a library book lol


Don’t these lovely posters kinda resemble those old travel posters?

“Adventure is out there!”

What is a tepui??? Aha! When in doubt, Google! *goes off to Google*

According to Google, a tepui is a table-top mountain (mesa) found only in the Guiana Highlands of South America, especially in Venezuela. The word tepui means "house of the gods" in the native tongue of the Pemon, the indigenous people who inhabit the Gran Sabana. Tepuis tend to be found as isolated entities rather than in connected ranges, which makes them the host of a unique array of endemic plant and animal species.



Squirrel! lol

The man himself: Charles Muntz

This is so adorable!!! ^_^


Anyone up for a trip to South America? lol

Can’t find the original ones like the ones above…this was taken in the atrium of Pixar Animation Studios…

Same goes for this one. The Kevin bird!!!! ^_^ Pics credit to gossUP_girl

Oh, and I found out that these lovely posters weren’t done by just Paul Conrad. Some of them were by Eric Tan (he also did posters for Wall-E, The Incredibles and Ratatouille) and other artists.

Love the art!

If anyone’s interested in looking at those vintage Wall-E posters, you can find them HEREand posters for The Incredibles HERE

*waits for Hover Chair from Buy N Large to arrive* XD

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 @ 7:59 PM
Up, Up and Away!

Adventure is out there!

Took awhile for UP, the latest movie by Pixar to get here…it was released in MAY in the US and I’ve been itching to see it since I saw the trailer. Well, it’s finally reached our miniscule shores and I went to catch it on Sunday with Seng Aik. Wanted to watch it in 3D in the beginning, but it was already fully booked and the only seats left were like, the 2 rows in the front. >.< Gosh, and we waited sooooo long at the bus stop for the bus to Gurney Plaza…over an hour! Over the course of an hour, I watched the weather turn from cloudy to sunny to cloudy again to a slight drizzle and a combo of them. And since The Chuah didn’t get any sleep last night, he fell asleep at the bus stop, in the bus…you get the idea..tsk tsk

Anyways, back to UP. Here’s the poster:

Hmm…does it make you want to watch it now? Well, one of my friends thought the poster put her off (no idea why) and that the idea of a flying house with balloons tied to it just wasn’t appealing and didn’t want to watch it. Hehe you know who you are… But thankfully, she changed her mind after watching it on Monday (I think…) I told you Pixar movies aren’t your average animated film, right???

And I shall resist the temptation to say ‘I told you so’

I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!! Pixar = FTW!!!! :D

I thought the movie was absolutely brilliant! Overall, it’s about this old man, Carl Fredricksen who sells balloons for a living and has a passion for adventure. His dream was to travel to Paradise Falls in South America with his wife, Ellie. He met Ellie when he was a kid and she has the same passion for adventure too…they both have the same idol, Charles Muntz who’s an adventurer. However, the money they saved up was always used for some other necessity, be it to repair the damaged roof and other things. Time passed and Ellie passed away due to old age, leaving Mr Fredricksen grumpy cos he misses her so much.

Mr Fredricksen soon gets a letter of eviction and when the people from an old folks’ home came to pick him up, he tricked them and went off in the air with his house tied to a bunch of balloons to South America for the adventure he never had and to fulfill Ellie’s dream of having a house near the waterfall in Paradise Falls . Russell, a sweet kid who’s a Wilderness Explorer accidentally ends up on Mr Fredericksen's porch when the house went up in the air comes along for the trip as well.

After landing in Paradise Falls, they soon discover a colorful bird which loves chocolate. Russell names it Kevin (when it’s actually a female bird haha) and a dog named Dug with a collar that enables humans to understand dogs and what they’re saying. And together, they have the adventure of their lives. I’ll leave it at that, otherwise it’ll go on for pages.


Now YOU can own this collar too! Isn’t Dug cute??? And the Kevin bird too…so kawaii! ^_^

It’s Pixar’s 10th film if I’m not mistaken, and so far none of them are disappointing. They’re all awesome in their own way…and there’s something about Pixar films. They have that special something that no other animated films made by other film studios have. Perhaps it’s their stellar storyline mixed with a good amount of humor that keeps people coming back to watch it again and again. And Pixar really knows how to tug at one’s heartstrings. Some bits were just so touching and sad…it also tells of how important friendship is and also family. My favorite part in the movie was when Kevin was dragged (and got squished) along the window surface of Charles Muntz’s blimp and it made this hilaaaarious squeaking sound that left me in stitches! XD Oh, and the Alpha dog’s voice from the collar was so funny loll

Oh, and Pixar usually has a short film right before their movies. This time, it’s called ‘Partly Cloudy’, a cute story about storks and how they send human babies and baby animals to homes everywhere. This cloudy cloud has a tendency to create particularly not-so-fluffy baby animals (crocodiles, porcupines, baby sharks lol) and the poor stork has to deliver them and with each trip, the stork would get more and more beaten up lol It tells a tale of friendship…really sweet…you have to see it!

After the movie, we wanted to go to Chili's but there was already a waiting list and gosh the prices were O_O when I flipped through the menu. Hmm…but still, I HAVE to try it someday! Ended up going to the Manhattan Fish Market instead. I had the grilled catch of the day…yum! Love the garlic sauce they had…


This is so cool! It’s the Ellie grape soda badge…a little Googling told me that only 300 of those were made and were sold out way back in June at Disney’s Soda Fountain and Studio Store at Disneyland. T.T

Btw I love those vintage looking posters of UP…created by the amazing Paul Conrad. <--- Check out his blog…pretty interesting stuff. And he has a Wilderness Explorer cap and an Ellie grape soda badge!!! So cool!!!!!!