Tuesday, December 15, 2009 @ 8:05 PM
Gumbo, gumbo in the Pot…

Forgot to post this the other day… =_=”

Disney has been churning out digitally animated movies for quite awhile now with the help of Pixar. They’re great and all but there’s hardly any 2D animated movies these days. Disney’s latest offering, ‘The Princess & the Frog’ brings back the lovely handdrawn animation of classic Disney movies and it did not disappoint at all despite my friends and I getting 3rd row seats of the cinema lol!


The Princess & the Frog is a modern twist of the classic fairytale, The Frog Prince where the frog turns into handsome prince after the princess kisses him. Tiana’s a hardworking waitress who’s saving every penny she makes for her own restaurant, which is her father’s dream. In this movie, however the heroine, Tiana turns into a frog after kissing Prince Naveen, a penniless prince (after tampering with voodoo and The Shadow Man) who mistakes her for a princess. Together, they set off on a trip down the bayou with Louis (a trumpet playing alligator) and Ray (a Cajun firefly) to look for Mama Odie, a 197 year old blind voodoo priestess with a pet snake named JuJu so that they return to their human form.

The story is set in the city of New Orleans in the 1920’s and the drawings of the buildings, mansions and the bayou are simply stunning. Below is one of the artist’s concept for the streets of New Orleans:

It’s simply breathtaking, isn’t it?? I love how the sunlight filters through windows and down to the pavement below. And look at the amount of detail on the buildings. Beautiful…the artists are so talented! I particularly loved the scene with the fireflies…their light looked so magical <3 Oh and I didn’t know voodoo was practiced in New Orleans.. No wonder they chose NOLA as the setting for the movie, it has such rich history!

I just had to post this. The art is sooooo gorgeous! The fireflies hovering around the trees and flower petals drifting softly to the ground…so purdy. They rarely make movies like this anymore…

Loved the songs in the movie as well! They’re very catchy and fun…and they really have that New Orleans and swampy feel to them lol.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go catch it in a cinema near you! It’s certainly worth every penny :D

Thursday, December 10, 2009 @ 3:39 PM
Louis louis! :D

Yesterday, I stopped by Audrey’s place yesterday before we headed to Jusco…and look who came over to play!

This is Louise! (pronounced like Louis) His name’s Louis like King Louis the XVI (?). He belongs to Audrey’s gran ^_^ No idea what breed he is but he looks like one of those sheepdogs lol a huge ball of white fluff!

How adorable is that?? :D He looooves to play lol he jumped and started licking my hand when I came in…and soon my jeans had doggie saliva all over lol


Audrey and Louis ^_^

IMG_13411 Louis and moi…

Later, we headed to Jusco to have lunch at Cafe Takahashi with Ann Li, Stef and Seng Aik. Hmm..the portion of chicken chop with wasabi mayonnaise sauce that I had looked smaller compared to what Ann Li had a few weeks ago. And it cost RM12.90! I hate it when restaurants shrink portions of food after they’ve been open for quite awhile. =_=” Oh, and I tasted Kimchi for the very first time yesterday! It smelled funny… =S Poor Ann Li’s mouth was practically on fire from the Kimchi she ordered. After lunch, we went for another karaoke session before making our way back home. Hehe I must stop by Aud’s house more often during the next semester break ^_^ How could anyone NOT love that big bundle of fur that is Louis??? :D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 @ 11:41 PM
Oh, the Things We Do for Knowledge…
As some of you may know, the Big Bad Wolf book sale has arrived again! It was from 26th November til 2nd December. According to their site, there were promises of super cheap books for all ages, and I just could not pass up the opportunity to buy cheap stuff lols especially books. Since Amy was only free on Sundays cos of work, we went up to KL on that day. We traveled to KL free of charge, thanks to Amy’s aunt who was heading to KL as well, albeit for a different reason. And cramped in the backseat were Amy, her mom, cousin and I. My waist felt a bit sore after the trip =/ lol

We finally arrived around 11.30am after Amy’s relatives stopped for brunch along the way and headed to the nearest LRT station to get to Amcorp Mall. During the LRT ride, Amy pointed out that not a single person in the train was reading unlike the people in London and Singapore. LOL. We reached the book fair around lunchtime and luckily there wasn’t a queue outside the entrance like other days. There were boxes provided for those who didn’t bring their own shopping bags etc…and Amy and I pushed and carried the box along the venue as it became loaded with tons of books in no time XD

There’s a picture Amy took of our box before the selection process as there were just too many…will upload it when I get the pic from Amy. My stash comprised of just 8 books (the other 7 was with Ling Sim)…adding up to a grand total of RM120 worth of damage to my wallet, while Amy’s stash totaled to ~RM160. Fiction books were just RM8 each which was such a steal considering they were brand new and some of them were of the hardcover variety while cookbooks were RM10 – RM20 each though there wasn’t much to choose from.

I managed to get 8 out of the 9 books from the Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris, mostly thanks to LING SIM!!! What a bargain! I was starting to get desperate and wanted to get the boxed set shipped by Amazon. It’s cheaper but shipping costs were pricey. >.<

Finally took pics of my mini book haul ^_^


Oh joy! 7 out of the current 9 book ‘Southern Vampire Mysteries’ series aka. the Sookie Stackhouse series were obtained with Ling Sim’s help! And I found the 2nd book when I went on Sunday!! Wish I could’ve gotten ‘All Together Dead’ too to complete the collection, but oh well I’m still happy with these!! The hardcover one looks out of place though…but it was a HARDCOVER for RM8!!

Met up with Anne and Justine as well during the book fair ^_^ It was so nice to see them and we managed to take a picture or two before leaving as it was starting to rain.

The moment we decided to leave, it started raining cats and dogs. =_=” and we got drenched though we had an umbrella. Plus there was a pretty strong wind along with the rain and my umbrella threatened to turn inside out. NOT FUN. And Amy was laughing away watching me struggle with the umbrella. =_=” Hmmph!

Quoting Amy: ‘The things we do for knowledge / cheap books!’

We finally made it the LRT station and Amy decided to take a pic of us looking all haggard from the rain and wind. Weird… From there, we proceeded to Mid Valley to have a very late lunch / early dinner. Oh, and the commuters in KL are so rude. As we were trying to get off the super packed train, people from the outside kept rushing in and ignoring those who wanted to get off. So annoying…and it’s even worse when you have tons of stuff to carry. Bravo to Amy who told those rude people off! Hehe and I might have purposely rammed some people on the way out. That’ll teach them to rush in next time.  >:(  Uncivilized humans.

We went to Manhattan Fish Market! We tried the salmon chowder if I’m not mistaken…it was quite yummy but it contained lots of Ajinomoto in it lol


Mmmm…salmon chowder! ^_^


My Manhattan Fish & Chips (Had Alaskan Pollock cos I couldn’t afford Swordfish T.T)


Amy enjoying the salmon chowder…

                                          Amy’s ‘Flaming Platter for One’

After our hearty meal, we burnt some calories carrying Amy’s huge bag filled with books around the shopping mall while doing a bit of shopping. Later, we headed to the bus station for the bus back to Ipoh. All in all, it was such a fun day…got to meet up with some very sweet friends and to spend some time with Amy. Even though I woke up the next day feeling sore all over from carrying Amy’s stuff, I had such a lovely time annoying Amy on purpose…keke hope the feeling’s mutual!

Oh, and Amy…you owe me some Krispy Kremes for helping you carry that bag around KL!! :D