Tuesday, November 25, 2008 @ 4:15 PM
Ouran High School Host Club
I'm addicted to this anime! It's called Ouran High School Host Club...you might have heard of it. It's about a scholarship student, Haruhi who accidentally stumbled upon the infamous Ouran Host Club in the Third Music Room while searching for a quiet place to study...

While she was there, she accidentally broke an 8 million yen vase lol and since she can't pay for it, she has to work off her debts by being a host club member... Oh, and she was mistaken for being a guy in the beginning, (she's actually a girl) I didn't notice it until the end of the first episode... 

=_=" Y'all can stop laughing now...

Love this character, Tamaki...he's the host club king and he's both silly and blur... XD Oh, and Tamaki does this lonely pose whenever someone insults him or says something unexpected lol

He also thinks he's Haruhi's father and that Kyouya's the mother...here's the happy family below lol and they're anything but poor

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This is Honey-senpai! He's super kawaii...he loves cakes, cute plushies and sweet things ^_^ Don't be fooled...he's very good at martial arts...

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The theme song's super catchy too...it's called Sakura Kiss by Kawabe Chieco if I'm not mistaken. Anyways, here's the song... ^_^

Friday, November 14, 2008 @ 8:33 PM
Wonderful Amy ^_^

Lol...look what Amy drew on Msn yesterday...haha amazing drawing skills!!! In case you're squinting to see what's written on the shirt...it says Archie Is Life haha...that's cos I was looking for definitions of construction jargon for her, the purposes of sanitation in dwelling units and requirements of sanitation and stuff for her assignment lol

Not really sure who that is in the pic...*wonders if it's Jason Mraz* Anyways, got a bit of free time now til the new semester begins...eurgh...I wish the break was longer...  =( Not even til Christmas...

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