Tuesday, January 19, 2010 @ 12:12 AM

Gosh, this semester is so jam packed…for Physical Chem, instead of one tutorial/assignment sheet per week, we have two! Oh joy. All thanks to the fact that they decided to teach us thermodynamics 2 days in a week, and for the remaining day, Electrochemistry. @_@ *head spinning* Not to mention nasty Unit Operation…ugh. And Physics…which looks like gibberish to me. >.< Put them altogether and what do I get? 4 assignments per week…*slumps on the desk* and that’s not counting quizzes. That sounds bad. I MUST study more since I’m the queen of procrastination!

And I had hives during the weekend =/ Still recovering from it, actually…they have now faded to pale red marks on me skin. Oh, and I took some meds this morning for it, and whoaa within an hour or so, I was trying so hard not to fall asleep during class, but I dozed off now and then anyway. I dozed off during Analytical Chem, then in Physics and finally in Phys. Chem… >.< Note to self: Never take meds that make you drowsy before class.

Oh, today just before class ended, my professor showed us this slide about problem solving, which is totally hilarious! And he stressed that in industry, there’s no room for mistakes. Zero defect, he says…eek! Considering that I’ll most probably forget everything I’ve learned throughout my 6 semesters, how the heck will I get a job??? O_O


Notice that, if you fail to find someone else to take the blame, you’re stuck in an endless loop being the poor, poor idiot LOL!!!

Oh, oh Glee won a Golden Globe for Best Televison Series, Comedy or Musical today!! Woot!! I was expecting 30 Rock to win cos they ALWAYS seem to win everything (Hmmph!) and cos Glee’s a brand new series. True Blood didn’t win though =/ oh well, maybe next year…Alexander Skarsgård too, cos he’s hot cos he’s the perfect Eric Nelsan Ellis should’ve gotten a nomination…he’s brilliant as Lafayette!! Jim Parsons too from The Big Bang Theory…he rocks every episode! Hopefully the SAG awards will be much better…

This is ‘Granger Danger’ from ‘A Very Potter Musical’. It’s totally awesome!! It’s originally sung by Ron and Draco (who is played by a girl, but totally rocks the part). It’s infectious lol. Guy on the left’s Darren Criss. He plays Harry in the musical and I found out that he played Chad’s brother in Eastwick which got cancelled (Boo…). And they can SING! Like, really, really SING!! Sooo y’all should check it out, the full thing’s here:


They have the soundtrack up at their site, if anyone’s interested!


Friday, January 1, 2010 @ 2:21 PM
Obligatory New Year’s post

Happy 2010 people!!

Here’re my resolutions for this year:

1.  Procrastinate less  (Hopefully…)
2.  Study harder…as always  (With crap subjects this semester, how do I do that??)
3.  Spend less time on Facebook and Twitter (Oh good gosh, is this even possible?)
4.  Exercise more and hopefully shed some pounds  (Hmmm…)
5.  Make a larger dent in my reading list
6.  Acquire a new skill hopefully?

lol let’s hope I actually manage to fulfill at least 2 of those resolutions.

On another note, my birthday’s just 2 weeks away. Oh noooo I’m getting OLD!!!!!!!!

T____T Can I just hit the pause button now?  =/

Randomness…I’m addicted to the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. I’m already on the 6th book now lol unfortunately I’m missing book 7. I’ll have to read the ebook next if I’m desperate enough lol

And ‘Empire State of Mind’ by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys has been playing in my head for days now…it might’ve been out for quite sometime now, but I only just discovered the song like a week or two ago lol. And it makes me really, really want to go to New York all over again. =/ One day…one day…

It’s the middle of the day but I’m getting sleepy again. Oy. Guess I’m signing off now! Happy New Year again! ^_^